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Droughts never bothered to settle in Aegis, the nexus of the Holy. Withering corn stalks contemplated life, bloomed between the violent kneading of reshaping gales. Floods traced the slimy limestone grottoes of the Craigs and only succumbed to sedition by licking at the diamond rim of the Edge.

Billowing flocks of robes gathered on the bridgeweaves suspended a quarter league above the Planar Rasa with no supports in sight. Shimmers hung around the shoulders of the proudest Holy: the tallest in ultramarine capes trimmed with infrared lace. Their whispers stitched the stalks in the meadows, caressed the soil to birth bounties, convinced the wild folk at the Withering to take their fetishes elsewhere.

Leave our crossing for the simple commands we deliver, they mumble. Shaped and impressed and blown onto every malleable mind that crawls, walks, flies, and blooms here.

Especially our own.
A short sketch. I try to put at least one of these out a day. At worst, they're snatches of writing that isn't capable of standing on its own legs. At best, they are a beginning.
Three months at least.  I've managed to find the time to throw up a character sketch--(i.e. "Paragons")--but nothing else.  Doing my best to type or write anything aside from hard news stories and the three features I have on-the-go in various stages of completeness.  I've had very little luck.  Thank you, post-secondary.
I've resuscitated my blog for the fourth time.  Find it here.   Going to try and actually use it this time for its intended purpose--another space for projects, but also a space to throw curious or bitter or contemplative words at.  The goal is one a week at least, but given the choice between fiction and blogging, I'll throw out Blogspot with the bathwater without a second thought.  Might post a few of my longer works there and give links in the Journal bar.  In other words, I might dangle short fiction I'm proud of as blog-to-blog click-bait.  We'll see.

Been getting into podcasts recently.  Started off with an introduction to "99% Invisible" through an interesting compendium of podcasts called "Radiotopia."  Doing my best to branch onward from there. Radiotopia's quite the fix if you're OK with your literary drug of choice being served through your speakers.  Fiction junkies, look here  Design/architecture/innovation enthusiasts, look here.  All of it is free, online, and audible without downloading or subscribing.  

Radio's an incredible medium for writers.  The cheapness and structure of podcasting even more so.  Seriously thought about buying a decent audio program (i.e. not Audacity) and trying out a few scripts or short pieces.  Got any recommendations?  Good 'casts or good programs?  I'd be interested in hunting them down, if only to kill my commute.  
  • Listening to: "Ten Thousand Years"--99% Invisible
  • Reading: "The Best of All Possible Worlds"--Karen Lord
  • Watching: "The War on Journalism"
  • Playing: I wish
  • Eating: Homemade Turkey Soup
  • Drinking: Virgin Caesar


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Brian Dodge
Artist | Literature
While not otherwise occupied, I splurge prose onto a page and worry afterwards about things like coherence or meaning. In short, I'm a writer and journalist hoping to make it as a professional novelist, screenwriter, graphic novel writer, or investigative reporter. If that means starving, so be it.

I've been published four times at The Story Shack (online flash-fiction website).

THINGS I ATTEMPT: Writing, music, occasional filming, devil's advocacy

GENRES I ATTEMPT: Sci-fi (trans-humanism, cyberpunk, military), low fantasy, contemporary fiction (punk especially), historical fiction, or anything rattling around in my skull or in my notebook.

THINGS I IDENTIFY WITH: Humanism, anti-capitalism, direct democracy, socialism, human rights/social justice. Add a pinch of punk, freelove, and free-thought.

THINGS I'M NOT A FAN OF: Capitalism, fascism, human rights abuses, hypocrisy, extreme ideologies, polemics, mass media (especially tabloids), empiricism, low pay for the arts, Stephen Harper, American politics, nukes, Starbucks coffee.

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Hey.  Thanks for the Llama, sorry about the delay.  Appreciate it!
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No problem- I'm not a big poetry guy, but I'll read Bukowski.   And you did him justice.   Will definitely be checking out your gallery in the next few days
PursuingTheCerberus Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2014  Professional Writer
I appreciate that more than you can imagine, especially from a fellow fan of his. 

Bukowski is my biggest influence.  It wasn't until I found him that I knew poetry could be any other way than I remembered it from school. He loosened me up, taught me another way that poetry could be written that wasn't so heavy and constricted.  Since discovering him I've become a poet myself and put out two books.  I became friends his ex-girlfriend Pamela Wood (Cupcakes) infamously called 'Scarlet' in many poems of Love Is A Dog From Hell. She told me I should submit some poems to the Charles Bukowski Anthology and I did.  This poem along with two others got in.  It's very exciting for a fan like me to get recognized honoring him.   

To be 100% honest with you, my gallery on here doesn't represent my poetry in the greatest way.  My poetry books really do.  I hand select certain poems to put up here (almost like a band releasing three singles from an album) but I craft my books to be very cohesive and atmospheric throughout, with quite a lot of autobiographical stuff that people can relate to.  Perhaps I can send a few copies your way at some future point (?) I said all of this because I was not a poetry guy either, a mere eight years ago.  I hated it.  Because you like Bukowski, I think you will really enjoy my books. 

Thanks so much for the interest!
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